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Super super intense amount of gnarly astrology things happening... Be mindful of high energy levels and feeling strange and be compassionate to any one acting whack or crazy :)

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The light-hearted and gentle leader is a servant personality type that adjusts with love to the needs of his or her followers. We all have learned a thing or two from the leaders in our lives, and there's a sweet spot for each type of authority figure that helps them to be effective and also reveals impact in the crowd they are trying to motivate.  You can tap into your inner leader today. The Sun and the Number 1 are interconnected today. The life path 1 is represented by the Sun, and the Sun is the start of all things in life. The leader is the initiator, and the projects that you want to start may seem to flow. The Sun illuminates problems, and it's difficult to hide a flaw from. A leader shines like the Sun, and for some people, particularly during the summer, the Sun brings many health benefits and even, happiness. With Virgo now in Venus, productivity at work turns into a type of love language. Working feels more natural.

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